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How A Boarding Pass Can Create A Memorable Trip Experience?

Client: Delta Air Lines
Role: UX/UI/Graphic Designer
Year: 2019
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I think a boarding pass is a part of a trip. If passengers don’t feel secure at the very beginning, why would the passengers choose Delta? Many of Delta Air Lines’ customers have been having issues with recognizing the information on the printed boarding pass or having troubles by lack of details in the existing Fly Delta app. In this case study, I will introduce several solutions for Delta’s customers to have enjoyable air travel experience.

What is the problem?

• The printed boarding pass design makes users very confused for recognizing necessary information, because of lack of hierarchy

• Also, existing Fly Delta app misses many detail information regarding each seat positions, connection flight finder, etc.

*The interaction design and its features are leveraged from March 2019 version.

emotional journey


“... big airports have so many gates… I think navigation would be really helpful.

Find My Gate

Click here to play interaction

Customers are able to find their departure gates or connection flight gates through Find My Gate feature. Once they arrive to the gate, they simply turn back to the ticket by View Full Ticket.

emotional journey emotional journey emotional journey


“...What if there is something to learn about the destination while waiting?


Learn About Destination

Based on the destination information, the app suggests users see hand-picked and trustworthy information. They can learn about the destination while waiting for boarding.


40% of respondents said they were confused about boarding pass information.


Existing Physical Boarding Pass

Unorganized boarding pass design disrupts user experience.


“This wrinkled and tattered-looking boarding pass represented the state of my mind quite well actually.”—Photo credit: SanSpotter

Designing New Physical Boarding Pass

Click here to play video

A 20mm of flap area will appear above a passport with the essential and hierarchically organized information. Also, the new design will reduce the chances of getting tore or wrinkled by using same 200 GSM Thermal paper.


New Physical Boarding Pass Design

The new design is quickly recognizable with clear visual hierarchy, has less chances of getting damaged, more branded looking, and enhanced usability.


1. Enhanced usability.

2. Shorter amount of time to find connection flights

3. Enhanced travel experience opens an opportunity to turn normal Delta customers to brand loyal.

What did I learn?

Throughout this project, I could learn how Delta passengers engage with their two primary touchpoints. And what they like, and what they don't like about them.

I think a boarding pass is a part of a trip. If passengers don't feel secure from the very beginning of their trip, why would they choose Delta?

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