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Helping Uninsured Patients In Big Rapids Community

Client: Big Heart Clinic
Role: UX/UI/Graphic Designer
Year: 2019
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Big Rapids is a small city in Mecosta County, MI. 22.5% of the poverty rate and 6.85% of the uninsured rate tell that there are people who need medical aids within the community.
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This case study shows how I came up with several solutions to improve existing problems, as well as how secondary users could be benefited by the solutions.

What is the problem?

1. Location is inaccessible (What if a patient is in need but can't travel?)
2. Advertising system is lacking
3. Donors don't know where the donations are spent
4. Clinic needs more supplies, donations, and volunteers for patients


Primary User: Old Patients

“I'm 55 years old and not eligible for Medicare. And I injured both of my ankles. So I cannot walk or travel a far distance to a clinic due to my ankle.”

“How can I still get treatment even though I can’t travel to clinic?”


Connect via Facebook Page

Patients get information about when the mobile clinic travels to which area to get a service on time. If need, patients request a private medical clinic service.

private clinic

Mobile Medical Clinic

For inaccessible patients, Big Heart Clinic provides a mobile medical clinic. So even an extreme case like unable to travel due to a physical condition, the clinic will visit the patients.


End of Uninsured Patients' Experience

“Big Heart Clinic helped me even though my physical condition didn't allow me to travel to the clinic. I could get proper treatments on time by the clinic. Thank you Big Heart!”

Secondary User Experiences



"How can I find volunteering opportunities?”



“I have no idea where my money goes.”



“We need more volunteers and medical supplies for patients.”


Mobile Clinic Advertisements

The mobile clinic is a perfect medium for advertising who they are and what they need, such as more volunteers or donations.


The website will guide volunteers to find volunteering chances, donors to find where the donations are going, and the clinic to gather more endowments and volunteers.

Website: Donation

The donation page introduces where the contributions are going for donors and how to be a volunteer.


Thank You: Stationery and Letter

Both volunteers and donors will receive thank you stationery package, letters, and annual reports.

End of Secondary User Experience



"I could easily find what I needed, and now I am volunteering in my free time. Seeing patients smile by my aid makes me so happy.”



"Now I know where my money was spent and I can trust the clinic even more than before. Will donate again for sure."



"We are very happy to be able to serve more patients with more donations and volunteers."


1. patients can get free medical services even though they cannot travel to the clinic.

2. volunteers and donors get to know that there is a free medical clinic in the community through encountering the mobile clinic.

What did I learn?

Facing the harsh fact that lots of residents are still uninsured and the community has pretty high poverty rates made me surprised. Plus, knowing the reality of a small local free medical clinic was very helpful to think about how can I support people in need as a designer in the future.

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