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A Design-Driven Solution For City Air Pollution Problem in Seoul City

Client: City of Seoul
Role: UX/UI/Graphic Designer
Year: 2018
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Green Move is a campaign for the City of Seoul that encourages residents to be more aware of the bad air quality and environmentally-friendly.

Residents in Seoul City recognize the air pollution issues, however, there is no motivational structure to encourage residents against air pollution and act environment-friendly.

What is the problem?

1. Residents of Seoul City are having trouble with bad air quality

2. Lots of people drive in the city, which causes emitting more air pollutoion

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The Reality

Every year, micro dust with a bunch of harmful chemicals travels through the westerlies to Korean Peninsula as the satellite photo shows. Due to traffics and high density of population, air pollution is worse in Seoul City.


Meet Gunwoo Kim, a resident of Seoul City

“The city has really bad air quality. I want to actively participate in a campaign and change the bad air quality. An innovative campaign would be really helpful to grab people's attention and encourage them to join.”

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IoT-Powered Smart Green Home System

Gunwoo has an IoT-powered smart home system. Green Move campaign synchronizes with the system and helps users to join in the movement.


Checks Weather And Air Quality In The City

Gunwoo checks the weather and the air quality before he leaves home. Today’s air quality is ‘Bad’, and it reminds him to take a mask with him.


Gunwoo Checks Green Move App

Green Move mobile app synchronizes with Smart Home system through IoT technology


He Sees How Others Are Doing

‘Together’ is an in-app social media feature. Gunwoo shares his environmentally-friendly movements with people who have similar goals.


Air Quailty Near His Work

Gunwoo checks air quality near his workplace. He can aware of the quality of air in the city.


Gunwoo's Influence

Gunwoo checks his influence and feels proud of himself. More motivated to go with people who joined in his movement.


NFC Tagging Interactive Display

Gunwoo tags his smartphone and the display shows detailed information about his performance. It encourages Gunwoo to keep moving forward and to encourage others to join the movement.


End of Gun Woo's Experience

“I participated in the campaign through the app and AI console. I saw that the community is growing and it encouraged me to be more environmentally-friendly.”


Green Move campaign helps the community to participate and change the environment of where they live through IoT technology. Connected devices will share information and help individuals to change their behaviors to be more environmentally-friendly.

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