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Understanding How Technology Impacts Our Lives

Client: Monthly Technology Review
Role: UX/UI/Graphic Designer
Year: 2019
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In a lot of cases technology brings us positive impacts, still we should not ignore the side effects.

Monthly Technology Review (MTR) aims to help subscribers widen their vision about accepting and using technology critically rather than heavily relying on it. Furthermore, educate users to assist in choosing the right usage of technology.

What is the problem?

Modern technology users absorb many new technologies without critically considering why do they need to use it or how does it affect society or even themselves.


Meet Chloe, An Everyday Tech User

Chloe checks her phone every single moment. She recognizes that she's been using her phone too much and it starts to affect her decision making or even purchasing process and she's not able to filter out fake news. She wants to reduce using her smartphone and see things more clearly.

times-square times-square

Times Square Advertisement

Intriguing advertising campaign in Times Square will entice and attract people to have an interest in the brand. Chloe passes by Times Square and sees the intriguing ads and interest in the brand.

Bus Stop Ad—Entice

The interactive ad / interactive contents let people read through featured articles of the magazine while they wait for a bus. While waiting for the bus, Chloe interacts with the kiosk and learns new facts about technologies.

MTR Magazine—Enter

The MTR magazine introduces both positive and negative sides of technology so that users can educate themselves without being biased. Chloe picks up the magazine and reads it.

Read Magazine Like Chloe Here

MTR Mobile App—Engage

The MTR mobile app lets users access web articles and member-only content. After reading the article, Chloe wanted to know more about the brand and what they provide. She downloads the app and experiences it.

Experience Interaction

Subscriber-Only Exclusive Conference—Exit & Extend

MTR offers exclusive members-only conferences. The conference will let users access and enjoy even more contents and education, such as experiencing the newest tech gadgets and debating with tech industry professionals. Chloe participates in the conference and learns more about technologies.


End of Chloe's Experience

"MTR changed my lifestyle. It's not that I completely not using my smartphone or anything. Instead, I learned what should I do to not heavily rely on technologies and how to do fact-checking what I see. Also, through the member-exclusive conference, I could learn about the newest techs and how should I critically use them."


MTR is a niche brand. Not a mainstream. Still, I thought this niche can create a specialization in the market as oppose to the mainstream society. MTR is a lifestyle-changing/educational brand and users indirectly benefit by its content.

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