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Providing An Excellent In-Restaurant Customer Experience

Client: Qdoba
Role: UX/UI/Graphic Designer
Year: 2019
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Qdoba is a chain of fast and casual restaurant in the United States and Canada serving Mexican-style cuisine. Currently, there are over 700 restaurants in more than 40 states. In this project, I focused on a specific Qdoba location in Big Rapids, MI. This case study is showing solutions specifically for quick-biter customers.

What is the problem?

• Too many communications to order one food

• Long waiting

• Unclear entering and exiting path in the restaurant



Usually, quick-biters stay at the restaurant 5 to 10 minutes just to grab their food quickly and leave.


“I have to awkwardly walk between the tables where peoople are eating everytime I leave.”


“I think communicating with 3 different servers just to order one food is socially exhausting.


Long waits make me tired and want to find different restaurants.”


Existing Floor Plan

The existing floor plan has unclear entering/exiting paths and the kitchen being connected to the cash register creates potential hygiene issues.


New Floor Plan

The new floor plan streams lines the take out process, creating natural flow of Enter—Order—Customize—Checkout—Exit.

1. Order their good using the kiosk and customize

2. Or communicate with servers to customize the food

3. Checkout with their food

4. Kitchen and Cashier register are separated

Kiosk Ordering System

Click here to play Interaction

Kiosk will dramatically reduce waiting time in the restaurant. Also, customers can avoid unnecessary social interactions.



• Quick-biters won’t disappoint or leave anymore because of long waiting time.

• This will enhance the circulation of customers in the restaurant and it is directly linked to more income.

• Quick-biters will talk about their positive experiences at Big Rapids Qdoba. This will encourage new customers to visit the restaurant.

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