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A Design-Driven Solution To Improve E-Commerce Shopping

Client: Tiffany & Co.
Role: UX/UI/Graphic Designer
Year: 2019
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Tiffany & Co. is a historical jewelry brand that has over 185 years of history. However, Tiffany has been struggling with its low e-commerce sales—only 6% of total sales—compared to physical store transactions.

This case study shows a straightforward digital solution of how Tiffany & Co. can increase their E-sales without heavily relying on physical store interaction.

What is the problem?

• Too expensive—too high entry barrier for new customers especially younger generations

• Customers cannot try on when they purchase jewelry through the website—customers must visit the physical store to try on

• Customers hesitant to pay lots of money through e-commerce


Meet Stephanie, a Millennial Customer

• Connected through social media and Internet Fashion trends

• Busy lifestyle and wants to find perfect jewelry easy and fast without visiting Tiffany stores

• Wants to enjoy fashionable and affordable Tiffany products

• Hesitant about paying a lot of money through e-commerce sites

“How can I buy an affordable and perfect necklace without visiting a Tiffany store?”

emotional journey

Stephanie Explores Tiffany V. Collection

Stephanie discovers Tiffany V. Collection. She quickly explores it and realizes that this is an affordablely priced collection.

try it on

Stephanie Tries On Her Favorites

Stephanie tries her necklaces through Let’s Try It On feature. The camera detects her face and neck area and shows a 3D necklace rendering.

try it on

Stephanie Shares On Social Media

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Stephanie likes how it looks on her and she decides to share it with her followers.


Stephanie Decides To Buy

Stephanie liked the responses from her followers so she decides to buy it. She makes a payment through Tiffany's secured payment system. She feels secure because her payment goes through Paypal rather than putting her credit card information.

payment payment

End of Stephanie's Experience

“Now I feel very special with this Tiffany necklace. It fits on my neck perfectly and it looks so cute! I can’t wait until I show this to my friends and hear what they say.”


1. Customers of Tiffany can try on before they decide to purchase jewelry, which is a big commitment. Customers can trust their purchase decision without feeling the need to go to the store and try them on.

2. New target customers who actively engage with social media will dramatically increase awareness of e-commerce and help this historic brand remain trendy.

3. Positive user experiences will enhance Tiffany's market value.

What did I learn?

When the buying process is exciting and positive the consumers more likely make a purchase.

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